Winport Zephyr Lock

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Winport Zephyr Lock is a classic combination lock that is durable, secure, and easy to use. The automatic locking system makes it easy for end users to simply shut their locker and protect their items. 

Product Description

  • Ergonomic dial with grip ring and non-slip coating

  • 7 pre-set combinations for extended usage

  • Supervisory key control

  • Automatic locking

  • Nut channels for easy installation

  • 3-digit dialing combination with 5-pin tumbler key plug

  • Patent pending button guard to protect lock function from overstuffed lockers

Product Options

  • Available for use on right-hinged locker door (1930) or left-hinged locker door (1931)

  • Fits all lift handle gravity latch/multi-point lockers (e.g. school lockers)