WFB109- Viscolex Mattress, (Queen Size) by Istikbal

WFB109- Viscolex Mattress, (Queen Size) by Istikbal


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Product Description

Viscolex Mattresses are made with body heat and weight-sensitive viscoelastic foam. The firm feel of Viscolex Technology foam becomes softer as the body heat and weight-sensitive material conforms to body shape and pressure. The all supportive foam improves blood circulation and relieves the pressure exerted onto muscles nerves. The mattress helps relieve the pressure accumulated in the shoulder, lower back, hip, knee, and other joint areas. 


  1. Zippered washable cover
  2. Breathe through the knit fabric
  3. Viscolex foam
  4. High resilience foam

Product Dimensions

QUEEN 59"  x 78.7"
150 x 200


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