Winport Furniture

Winport Industries a division of Winport Group started off as a small family business in Oklahoma City, OK in 2002. Since then, we have moved our headquarter to Houston, Texas and have been serving people all around the nation with great quality products at unbelievable prices. Winport Group, which has been in Houston area for more than 15 years, has been one of the leading furniture organizations around Texas. We believe each home, each family’s story, has never been easier to tell. From the perfect sofa for family movie nights or a new accent chair to freshen up a new reading space. Or maybe it is a new mattress and bedroom set to get the good night of sleep you deserve. We are committed to helping our customers find the perfect piece - or perhaps even a room - to make their homes complete.

Furniture History

Having to know when the first furniture was made is a very complex finding. In the middle ages our ancestors for many centuries has created furniture over things like carving a rock, bone ,or wood. As time and innovation comes along, equipment and technology has created a huge influence over furniture that we contain today.

Winport Furniture's' Owner

Ahmet Duran

Ahmet Duran has been in the business world for over 60 years. His expertise and great judgment was inspired and learned by his father. This is what has lead him to be one very successful man who owns a furniture store and has worked with many others accompanied by a great reputation. Mr. Duran is well known for his astounding skills like being attentive, and observant. This has led him to own and develop one of the most successful businesses in Texas. As a father himself he relates to the consumer’s wants and needs. Which is why he brings only the best quality and unique designs to fit every family’s individual style.

Our Furniture

Our mission is to continuously develop innovative production and products at high standards and to produce them in accordance with the usage habits of different lifestyles. Winport Group brings functionality to the forefront in its luxury design products and integrates it with elegance and durability. It also has a wide range of products that can meet all the needs of customers such as sofa beds, extendable dining tables, multifunctional living room sets, colorful office chairs, executive office desks, filing cabinets, school furniture, office furniture, and so much more. Our products are made from durable treated wood and reinforced tubular steel in variety of designs, models, and sizes. There is a cover system on the cushions, which are removable for easy cleaning. The 36-flexi foam is used in the cushions as hardness necessary at the beginning, because there will be a 10% softening within 6 months. We focus on using luxurious leather and fabrics, eco-friendly materials, and non-chemical substances.

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