Breathability in an office chair

Yes, you believe it or not but, I can say that your chair can breathe like you.

Human body naturally gives off moisture. Hence, when you sit the fabric beneath your butt needs to have some breathability. Otherwise it’ll become uncomfortable for you, and the chair will begin to garner an odor. The rest can be said about the other points of contact on the chair, including the back, but the leg area is key.

While not as important as an adjustable back, adjustable arms are still key to comfort and a proper sitting position. Additionally, each desk has a different height, so being able to adjust the armrests ensures that you can seat comfortably at your desk. To that end, the arms should accommodate a variety of seating positions and with that devices.  Looking at a computer, then move the arms out of the way. Looking at a table or phone, then you should be able to raise the arms up to reduce strain on shoulders.

Many of today’s office chairs offer something called a “five point base.” Look down at the base of your chair and you should see five points of contact to the floor. This results in greater stability while moving and sitting. I’d also look for an office chair with casters, enabling easy movement.